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Our philosophy is to train all 3 energy systems to maximise functional performance.

The journey begins with fitness tests and range of motion assessments.

When these are coupled with the athlete's goals and personal profile we compile an individual plan that is fun and varied to stimulate optimum improvement.


This elite package covers initial assessment and regular review.​

3 session types are programmed in to the calendar covering resistance, functional muscular endurance and cardio.  Sessions combine 1:1, group and solo formats. 

XLFit3 Wellness

Applying the same principles for individuals seeking health improvement.

Personal Trainers

Wiz Kochasira

Level 4 REPS Qualified Personal Trainer

Wiz is available for one on one and group sessions to maximise your athletic ability.

Ph: 02102438266

Jordan Earl

Level 4 REPS Qualified Personal Trainer

Jordan is available for personal training sessions and nutrition.

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