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Beginners Squash

Squash is a dynamic and skilled sport. Beginners Squash is fun and active way to introduce beginners to this incredible sport. This programme is designed for any beginners under the age of 18.

The skills acquired in this group translate to all sports and provide a great foundation for development.

Our vibrant coaches will teach the fundamental elements of squash including correct racket grip, swing, movement patterns and rules of the game.

Our current programme runs Monday 4:00pm - 6:00pm.

We offer group sessions during the week for groups of 4 to 1 coach.

Rackets, balls and all equipment will be provided.

Juniors are required to bring non-marking shoes, a water bottle and a fun attitude! 

Contact for bookings. 

Racketball uses a bouncier blue ball and a larger racket. This allows beginners to gain hand eye coordination before they progress to squash. Members and casual hirees have free access to racketball equipment.

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